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Creative Curriculum

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Creative Curriculum

At Elm Academy we teach a range of exciting and engaging topics throughout the year. Each year group chooses a variety of topics which cover the foundation subjects and offer opportunities for cross curricular links in Maths and Literacy. Teaching staff offer children an exciting ‘Entry Point’, to provide them with a hook and a final ‘Exit Point’, to give children a chance to summarise their learning and celebrate the successes that we have achieved.

Children are encouraged to extend their learning through creative project, based on their topics, as homework. We use this form of creative curriculum to interest and excite our children. This way of working encourages creativity, teamwork and logical thinking. It encompasses a range of different learning styles and is easily adapted to be inclusive for all.

Our topics encourage children to be independent learners who are curious about the world around them and keen to find out more and pass their knowledge on to others.