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Fairtrade Fortnight Begins At Elm 

On Monday 23rd February, Neil and Roxanne joined us in our assembly. They talked to us about Fairtrade and what happens with the money that is used to buy Fairtrade products.

Children from 5J called Charlie and William and Maisie and Madison from 3W had been down to the Marriott Hotel and met Neil. Neil took a video of the children who were there and showed it to us.

I found out that there are 4000 different products that are Fairtrade. They also did a demonstration about how much Fairtrade farmers get and how much other farmers get. Farmers might get about £30 for a crop. A Fairtrade farmer would get £40 but he would also get an extra £10 to pay towards opening a school or paying for clean drinking water.

We thanked our guests for the bananas, the stickers and for our certificate and wished them well for the start of Bournemouth's Fairtrade fortnight. 

Lesley Lane (Year 5)