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The Dogs Trust

Elm Academy had a special visit from Sarah Jane Leslie from the Dogs Trust last week. With her were two friends, Rosie and Mollie. Rosie is a one year old brown springer spaniel/collie and Mollie is a five year old blonde cocker spaniel. Rosie, being the youngest of the pair, is rather mischievous, whilst Mollie is calmer and friendly.

The main role of the Dogs Trust is to care for those dogs whose owners can no longer afford to keep them anymore. They also educate people about how to be safe and responsible around dogs and how to look after a dog. Throughout the year Dogs Trust help 18,000 dogs with the centre in Salisbury managing to find new homes for around 600 dogs. The centre has 45 kennels with room for two dogs in each.

During the talk the children learnt about when not to stroke a dog, for example, when it is sleeping or eating. Also not to approach dogs that may be tied up in public as they are a stranger and nothing about their behaviour is known. Sarah Jane explained to the children the situations where it would be acceptable to stroke a dog, like when a dog is with its owner. Firstly the child should ask their responsible adult and then the owner of the dog. Once both have given permission the child can offer the dog their closed fist to sniff before stroking the dogs back or the top of its head.

After finishing the talk all the children were given the opportunity to stroke Mollie and have a group photo taken with her which everyone enjoyed. Sarah Jane was presented with a certificate from school council representative Robert Stanners for her contribution to the children’s learning.